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Testimonials: Team

“Lorna provides a responsive, student centred service. Her detailed and comprehensive assessment reports enable us to work purposefully with our students to maximise their potential. Her practical help and advice on coping strategies is valued by students and staff”.

“Thank you for taking the time and being patient with me whilst I did each test. Can't put it in to words but I will try, It was a very powerful and encouraging meeting for me. It was amazing to get clarification and to finally have that weight taken off my shoulders. It has been a long time coming waiting to discover fully what I knew was always there”.

“Thank you for your help and helping me understand the weak and strong points I have in day to day life through the dyslexia, I have already put some of the points we discussed into action and they have been helping allowing me to further improve my writing and reading of reports and other work task”.

“Thanks so much for providing the report which I have had a chance to digest.  It certainly has been an insightful adventure for me”.

“Much appreciated Lorna. It's actually quite a relief now knowing I'm dyslexic, and I feel I've done well throughout my training considering how much I've struggled at times and now it all makes sense. Thanks again for your help”.

“Thank you very much for the feedback and advice. I was totally unaware of being dyslexic and having dyspraxia”.

“This (report) is great thanks, really interesting reading and it feels like such a weight has been lifted off of me”.

“Since I saw you I feel like I have totally started to change the way I view myself, for the best, maybe giving myself a little bit less of a hard time”.

“That's brilliant (the report) thanks a lot, it was really interesting to learn about what dyslexia actually is and the problems assosiated with it. It also explained a lot of things I have struggled with especially at school”.

“Thanks very much for your time and I personally really appreciate getting the chance to be assessed and the help that will come off the back of it”.

“Thank you-thank you for listening and also beliving there is something else there. I have thought this since I've left school and none would listen to me so thank you for that”.

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